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Welcome to a smarter, more connected home

Virgin Media and Plume have teamed up to bring you HomePass—a way to make your current home WiFi work smarter for you.

Faster, more reliable
Built-in cyber-security
Intuitive controls
Works with any provider
Easy setup

Brilliantly fast WiFi is only the beginning

Experience smarter connectivity, state-of-the-art protection, and more with your Plume HomePass membership.


Get faster speed and better coverage around your home. HomePass never stops learning, so your network keeps getting faster and more reliable.


Intuitively manage all your devices in one place. Plus, create personalised profiles to keep the kids safer online.


Enjoy built-in online security to help keep you and your family safe from unwanted ads, hacks and cyberthreats.


Turn your connected devices into motion detectors, and get alerts for unexpected movement when you’re not home.

See why HomePass is worth loving

Additional membership perks

Works with any broadband provider

Enjoy HomePass even if you’re not on Virgin Media broadband.

Easy five-minute setup

Fear not, non-techies. We’ll walk you through step by step.

Pay monthly

Get HomePass from just £8.25/mo¹ over 12 months.

60-day returns

Enjoy two months to decide if HomePass is right for you.

Exclusive £99 SuperPod savings

Plus a renewed hardware warranty for each year you extend your membership.

Round the clock, live support

Talk to a real person if you need troubleshooting support.

Sign up today from just £8.25/mo¹

HomePass membership

Our membership-based service personalises your experience based on how you use it for more security, more control, and more WiFi to go round. And with automatic feature updates, your network keeps getting better and better.


These clever gadgets make HomePass possible. Plug them into your WiFi hub and around your home for a faster, more reliable connection.

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“Plume certainly improved my home internet experience, making it stronger and more reliable, with less frustrating drop outs and slowdowns when moving room to room.”

“The WiFi router to beat all comers… so near perfection it’s hard to imagine how or when it can be improved upon.”

“Indeed when it comes to parental control this is one of the most advanced systems we’ve seen.”


Improved performance compared to use without HomePass or equivalent supplemental services. Coverage and user speed at distance compared to WiFi service relying on router alone. Coverage and user speed varies with router type, distance from router, quality of internet connection, number of SuperPods and pod positioning.

Parental controls vary across devices, apps, games, content, movies, video and other applications.

Motion detection does not replace a home security system. HomePass can help detect and filter out suspicious activity, but nothing can prevent all cybercrime or identity theft.

HomePass app requires iOS 11 or later and Android 4.4 or later.

HomePass does not provide an internet connection. Separate router and internet connection required.UK residential customers only. Terms and conditions apply. *Saving covers first SuperPod (costing £99 when purchased otherwise direct from Plume). This first SuperPod is included at no extra cost when you join HomePass. SuperPod with WiFi 6 available as alternative (£30 for first SuperPod with WiFi 6 when you join HomePass). Additional Pods available at extra cost. HomePass membership requires one or more SuperPods.

Get Homepass subscription from £8.25 a month for 12 months on a 12 month minimum contract (one Superpod included at no extra cost). Upfront payment options available at £99 a year, with minimum 12 month contract. Longer contracts available at discounted prices. Contract will automatically renew if you do not cancel (auto-renewal does not apply to finance purchasing). Price for renewal may vary (subject to advance notice).

1- Get Homepass subscription from £8.25 a month for 12 months on a 12 month minimum contract (one Superpod included at no extra cost). Extra pods and extra year’s membership are available at an extra cost.  Upfront payment options also available.